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4 inch Guns

Today has been about building these resin cast guns.I needed to clean up the main resin parts and fill all the air bubble gaps due to the casting process, and this can be a challenge due to the complex nature of the parts. Once this was complete I could then move onto sanding down the…

Build Video of the Pom Poms

Just a short video showing some of the build process for the two pom poms. This video shows the cad drawing for the replacement guns, additional detailing such as the railings and shields, and starting the paintwork. Click here to see YouTube video

Eight Gun Pompoms

Today has been all about pompoms, and yes it took all day to clean up and fit the pompom guns, including the designing of new finer detail guns and adding extra detailing such as rails and sights.The gun sets supplied with these pompoms are made from white metal which is a cast product, however using…